Formula 1

Renault claims that Formula 1 needs to be made more or more fully electric to escape in the future to stay behind in engine technology. Today’s hybrid engines produce only 16% of their total electricity production through the energy recovery system, however, progress in this system is offered to significantly increase this number in the future.

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Currently, Formula E has the reins as the only fully electric car in motorsports, but Renault’s boss, Cyril Abiteboul, believes that it is the direction that F1 needs, and as it says:

If I look at the rate at which the world is changing, in my opinion, there is a huge risk that F1 should be left behind. The world is moving at a very fast pace and we must be very careful not to be left behind by the automobile industry. Look at the Greta Thunberg of this world, look at the electric cars. Whatever we believe about electromobility, it’s not going to go away. Things people say today, they didn’t even look at them six months ago. Ferrari was talking about an electric car! 

Renault made similar pressures earlier, as it led to the impulse for hybrid V6 engines that were eventually introduced in 2014 and now looks ahead to the next era of engine regulations around 2026.


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