Hyundai Vehicle-Mounted Electric Scooter with 20 km autonomy

Hyundai created a new prototype electric Scooter based on the prototype presented at the Las Vegas Technology Fair (CES) in 2017. The company plans to offer first-and last-mile mobility through the incorporation of the scooter into its future vehicles.

When mounted on a vehicle, the scooter is automatically charged using electrical power generated during driving. The new electric Scooter has a rear-wheel drive, a large lithium battery and elegant front and rear lights.

Shifting the movement of the new 2019 model from the front to the rear wheel, upgrades stability and safety as it places the weight close to the back. In addition, the group’s engineers have added a front-wheel suspension to provide smoother driving, even on rough surfaces.

Hyundai electric scooter

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The new version of Hyundai electric scooter has a 10.5 Ah lithium battery. This allows the scooter to achieve a maximum speed of 20 km/h and is sufficient to power the scooter for about 20 km. on a single charge. The scooter is portable and weighs about 7.7 kg. Its unique and compact design with triple folding makes it lighter and more compact.

The electric scooter features a digital display showing the battery status and speed, while for night driving the new scooter is equipped front with two LED headlights and two rear lamps.


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