New Peugeot e-208 reached 40000 orders

Initially, Peugeot programmed for the electric version of the brand new 208 to represent 10% of the total production but may need to adjust its plan if the small EV continues as well. The head of the French company, Jean Philippe Imparato, on the sidelines of the launch event for the small Peugeot said:
of the 40,000 expressions of interest received, half were related to e-208. A quarter of pre-orders are for e-208  “.

Imparato added that it is too early to say with certainty that the e-208 will be such a large share of the total sales of the new 208 as it is not certain whether the percentage we see today is a product of real demand or a large Portion of the “early adopters”, which, in some way, distort the results.

Peugeot e-208

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He also said that the e-208 is profitable for Peugeot as early as 10% originally planned and consequently, the company is not forced to increase production to non-realistic levels just so that it doesn’t have to deal with damage.

On the other hand, the attractive cost of e-208 will attract customers as according to Peugeot calculations, with an advance of €3,500 the E-208 costs less than €400 per month or if you prefer, about as much as the petrol model but with advantage €2,000 in the field of residual value.


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