New Nissan Ariya Concept all-electric SUV

The Nissan Ariya Concept is a purely electrically powered SUV with a design that escapes from what the Japanese company has been accustomed to, while inspiration has drawn from the IMx Concept, which we first saw in 2017 also in the Tokyo Motor Show.

Visually examining the new Ariya Concept we see the sloping line of its roof, which is deleted by a bronze thin line, while matching touches are present on the wheels of 21 inches. The bodywork is painted with a blue tint called “Suisei Blue”.

Nissan Ariya Concept

The characteristic “V” mask shape (closed type, as it is electrically powered) of Nissan is maintained, while it is underlined by two vertical Led strips, which meet the particularly thin also Led front headlights. In the back section now the edges are sharp, while the Led luminaires are communicating with each other and the Nissan name is illuminated.

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It is based on a new platform developed by Nissan for electrically powered models. About the dimensions of the new Ariya Concept its length is shaped at 4,600 mm, its width at 1,920 mm. and its height at 1,630 mm.

Although we are talking about an original model, Nissan has not ruled out enough external and internal design features to be applied to a production vehicle in the near future. The interior of the new Ariya Concept is quite minimalist, as it has only one button to activate the electric motor, a controller to control the 12.3-inch central display,

Nissan did not disclose any technical information about the new Ariya Concept, as it was enough to tell us that it has two electric motors on the front axle and one in the rear, so it is a four-wheel drive, as well as equipped with a semi-autonomous ProPILOT driving system 2.0.


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