Nissan IMk Concept : The ultimate solution for the city

Nissan IMk Concept is a purely electric city car that showcases a “new direction of Nissan’s design language” while at the same time it is the implementation of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility which is the term used by the Japanese brand for Technologies that include connectivity and autonomous driving.

The shape of the IMk Concept is strongly reminiscent of the famous but forbidden beyond Japan, Kei cars, but Nissan insists on the characteristic “city car”, as Japanese company insists not to confirm whether the IMk Concept will be passed into production. All it says is that it “shows the possibility of a small, urban electric car” and that it waits eagerly to see the reactions of the world.

Nissan IMk Concept

However, the IMk Concept is based on a new, “electrical” architecture that could be used in a range of models that would be addressed to the ecologically conscious. In its present form, the prototype of Nissan is a little smaller, a little narrower and a little taller than the current MICRA but the new architecture takes care to maximize the available spaces and fully exploit the dimensions of the vehicle.

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The front seats have taken the form of a single bench, while excluding the Start button and the gear selector, the physical controls are completely absent from the cab, as the “conventional” screens are absent because all useful information is displayed through holograms.


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