Nissan LEAF Taxi driver in Spain made 350,000 km

Nissan LEAF Taxi in Spain made 350,000 km with the factory battery without consuming a single drop of fossil fuel. The Mendiluce as the driver’s name was launched behind the wheel of the Nissan LEAF in October 2011.

The model of the first generation of the LEAF is equipped with a 24 kWh lithium battery. The Mendiluce replaced the car battery after 354,000 km.

His experience has been popularized by social media and news in Spain, as his goal is to convince the public of the benefits of zero-emission mobility. As he said, “I performed 270,000 km, saving 21,060 litres of fuel, 18 oil changes, filters, brake pads, straps, etc., from visits to the workshop“.

According to calculations provided by Nissan, an ICE vehicle (with an internal combustion engine) would have radiated 51 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the specified period of time.

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The Spanish TAXI driver was not in Madrid or Barcelona, but in Valladolid, his hometown. Valladolid has 34 public charging points. The goal of Mendiluce was to reach the 500,000 km with this car, but an accident led his vehicle to total destruction.


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