Renault launches Paris-Saclay Autonomous Lab

From October 14 to November 8, 2019, throughout the Paris-Saclay Urban Campus, a group of approximately 100 people will use the car to order Renault as part of the project “Paris-Saclay Autonomous Lab”.

This daily service, using electric, autonomous and common Renault ZOE Cab prototypes, will allow everyone to move freely to the Paris-Saclay Urban campus for daily mobility.

Two vehicles will be circulated around the Paris-Saclay campus throughout the public trials.
A ZOE Cab equipped with a large front-wing door that covers the length of ZOE’s interior space, allowing direct access to the front and rear seats. A segment cut from the rest of the car’s interior for the security officer, so passengers have a look at the future of autonomous mobility – without operator or driver. The car seats are equipped with individual monitors, speakers and USB port, designed to create a private apartment for each passenger.

A ZOE Cab equipped with a larger rear door on the right side for easier access to the car. The door is located on the right to ensure safe entry and exit from the car (only on the pavement side) with added ease.

A modified interior with the passenger seat facing backwards, so that passengers can now ride face to face. This is consistent with the ethos of sharing the service.

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The smartphone app, designed specifically for the ZOE Cab experiment, allows users to call a car when they need it or close it in advance. Users declare their location, destination and number of passengers booking.

In fact, ZOE Cab will stop en route – if necessary – to pick up another passenger for the remainder of the trip or part of it.


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