Tesla closer to the manufacture of its own batteries

Without being known, Tesla is expanding in Canada as it proceeded to the acquisition of the company Hibar Systems specializing in the manufacture of batteries, with the acquisition taking place between July and October, according to sources.

This particular move comes at a focal point where Tesla reinforces the efforts to build batteries for its vehicles, while it is not her first investment in Canada as it has concluded a 5-year agreement to collaborate with Jeff Dahn, a physics researcher and a pioneer in the search for lithium-ion batteries.

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Tesla closer to the manufacture of its own batteries

Hibar Systems, one is a world renowned company in the field of battery manufacturing, with its revenues to have increased by 600% since its performance in the early 1970. Important is also the fact that the company won 2 million funding. U.S. dollars through the federal project to boost Canada’s industrial research in April this year, intended to build a high-performance lithium-ion battery production system for mass storage Electricity.

However, Tesla’s efforts do not seem to stop there, and during the year, proceeded to the acquisition of the company Maxwell Technologies INC. Specializing in the California-based battery technology, As well as the acquisition the takeover of DeepScale, a company that uses sophisticated neural networks and other aspects of artificial intelligence to assist in car technology autonomous driving.


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