Tesla Model 3 again in Moose Test from Km77

It is the second time that km77.com puts Tesla Model 3 in Moose Test, and the reason was to measure the behavior of Model 3 on a new asphalt road. The moose test is a test to determine how a vehicle, usually an automobile, responds when avoiding a sudden danger, such as a moose.

As you will see from the video below from YouTube channel km77.com, Model 3 moose test showed exemplary ability to steering abrupt changes, after several passes and at different speeds.

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Description from YouTube channel km77.com (translate)

After having traveled 52 000 kilometers with our Tesla Model 3, we have repeated the dodge maneuver we performed in May 2019, when the car was approximately 14,500 kilometers.We have repeated the test because the track where we perform our maneuvers has been resurfaced and we wanted to have an idea of how much this new surface will influence the tests from now on. The old asphalt was very worn and, consequently, its surface was not uniform but presented significant irregularities.

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Tesla Model 3 again in Moose Test from Km77

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