Tesla Model S Summon function : Does It Actually Work?

The “Summon” function of Tesla, which the vehicle to park itself and leaving the parking itself, was a major innovation that was applied to all models of the American company.

In the latest upgrades the Summon became even more “smart” since it can leave the parking spot and come to the place called by the owner. In the video that follows from YouTube channel UrAvgConsumer, you can see how Tesla’s smart Summon behaves after several tests. Does It Actually Work?

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Description from YouTube channel UrAvgConsumer :

Tesla software 10.0 just dropped and includes a ton of new features like access to Spotify, playing games like Cuphead and the new Smart Summon feature. Smart summon allows the car to come to you on its own depending on where you are. Question is, how well does it work?

Tesla Model S Summon function

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