Model 3 production

Certainly when the Tesla presented Model 3 encountered great difficulties in the production phase since it was several times that the American company was falling far enough out of the timeline in deliveries.

But this did not happen in Gigafactory 3 since just a year ago there was only soil and sand, now the impressively large factory is almost ready.

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So Model 3 in China has already taken the green light in the new factory of the company of Elon Musk that was built on the outskirts of Shanghai in record time that did not exceed 10 months. The aim of Tesla is to manufacture in China around 150,000 Model 3 on an annual basis.

Model 3 production
Tesla Model 3 production line in China

Now the production is in trial phase and indeed the first Model 3 will be delivered to the employees in the company and later next year the production of Model Y is expected.  Tesla noted that it expects China to become the largest market for Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 China

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