This is the electric Mustang Crossover?

One of the most anticipated models of Ford is the electric crossover that prepares, which will draw inspiration from Mustang. Just before the presentation which is scheduled for November 17 leaked on the Internet through a Facebook page called Allcarnews, images from a CAD, i.e. a computer design program. In addition, the light of publicity saw some renders, namely digitally crafted images showing the exterior appearance of the car.

This is the electric Mustang Crossover?

There may not be enough detail, but surely we can make a first impression on what the image of the American Electric SUV, which is rumored to be called Mach-E, will be. As far as its technical characteristics are concerned, Ford has not officially disclosed anything other than the autonomy that will reach even the 600 km.

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In addition to the official data, however, the electric Mustang is expected to use a new platform, designed for use exclusively in electric cars, while the movement will only go to the rear or both axles, depending on the power.


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