Trek Allant+ e-bike with battery 625Wh and 45 km/h top speed

This year, Trek released a whole series of bicycles, the Trek Allant +, which he created in collaboration with Allant + and have a Bosch drive system. The company describes its new electric bikes Trek Allant + as the ultimate electric bikes for commuting, daily use. Aiming to cover every consumer, Trek created a full range of electric bicycles that utter different types of driving.

The Trek Allant + uses the latest Bosch electric motors, including the new reduced-weight engines, as well as higher capacity batteries to offer even greater autonomy. They also have a function called Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) to hide the Bosch 500 Wh or 625 Wh batteries inside the electric bicycle chassis.

Trek Allant+ e-bike with battery 625Wh

And if the 500 Wh with 625 Wh is not enough for you, the company also offers the additional Range Boost, which adds a second battery to the downtube doubling the autonomy of the bike. All bicycles use either the Bosch Performance Line CX or the Bosch Performance Line Speed motor.

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The first offers speeds of up to 20mph in the US or 25 km/h in Europe, while the strongest raises the final at 28 mph in the US or 45 km/h in Europe.  The smallest Trek model Allant + 7 starts at €3,300 and higher we meet at €5,500 for the most expensive model of the Allant + 9.9 S series.


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