Volkswagen Golf 2020 It has five hybrid versions

Volkswagen introduced the 2020 eighth generation of Golf, with the MK8 version bringing options for hybrid engines, new generation technology and new design. The important thing with the new Golf MK8 is that it has a renewed look, an interior full of technology and a plethora of engine options, including options for those who prefer hybrid versions of the new Volkswagen hatchback.

The design of the new Golf in the front stands out with the traditional grilles to make their appearance again, but the lanterns present a new style making them more special than any other time. The rear of the vehicle has a more “sharp” appearance and highlights the character given by the German company to its perhaps most beloved member of the fleet.

Volkswagen 2020 Golf

On the inside, most of the changes are observed, and the buttons and switches have been replaced and integrated into the touch screen functions available in the driver and front passenger. In addition, there will be optional, the ability of the head-up display.

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What is surprising is that the five versions (in total of ten) will be based on hybrid mode using 48 Volt electrical systems. In addition, three eTSI versions will be offered along with two plug-in (PHEV) options, with the latter giving autonomy of 60 km using batteries of 13kWh.

Volkswagen 2020 Golf

The specific models will be the most powerful in performance since the basic version will be released with 201 hp and 242 hp for the GTE Sport hybrid version. It is important that these engines consume 17% less fuel and emit 20% fewer pollutants than previous versions.

Volkswagen 2020 Golf


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