Watch Tesla Model 3 testing at Gigafactory 3 | video

Will soon begin the production of Tesla Model 3 in Gigafactory 3? We’ll probably get the answer in the next few days after everything is almost ready for the first Chinese Model 3 to go on the Gigafactory 3 test track.

Something similar can be seen in the video below from YouTube channel WU WA, where you can enjoy a tour in the wider area of the factory but somewhere in 8:20″ it pops up a Model 3 where it seems to perform some tests in a specially designed space that Tesla has built.

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Description from YouTube channel WU WA :

The Tesla factory name finally appeared on the wall of the factory. In the black-grey wall, the white Tesla English font looks extraordinarily bright. I saw it was a little excited. In the past year, I always looked forward to the Tesla factory name appearing on the factory wall, and this day I finally waited.Tesla produced the MODEL3’s birth certificate, and Tesla accelerated the construction progress. We can see that the container dock at the factory is full of container trucks. From the air, it is so spectacular and exciting!A MODEL3 previously manufactured by the factory was on-site road test. Obviously, for the sake of confidentiality, the security of Zhengjia Road, which is close to the road test site, has once again been strengthened. From time to time, security personnel can watch the patrols on and off the battery car and see strange vehicles. And suspicious people will stalk, and they will stop immediately when shooting, and I am no exception.With the issuance of Tesla’s birth certificate, Tesla will enter the stage of production. According to the news, in the Shanghai-based Tesla Mdel3, the standard of all aspects of the product is stricter than the United States, which means that Tesla attaches importance to the Chinese market.

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