Yamaha with three electric scooters prototypes at Tokyo

And officially the Battle of the electric scooters begins where Yamaha prepares for Japan’s largest exhibition where traditionally Japanese manufacturers show us some samples of their future moves. Although the new motorcycles usually appear basically in international motorcycle Salons, such as the EICMA that comes in November, in Tokyo the interest is customary to relate to future technologies.

So in a few weeks Yamaha will present three new electric prototypes, in fact two concept models and the electrical alternative of a known existing model. The Ε01 is an electric scooter with an equivalent of a corresponding two-circle 125 cc for urban movement.

yamaha electric scooter

According to Yamaha, the design of this prototype combines the technologies applied by the company to scooters and its electric vehicles for practical and qualitative commuting, but also provides a design that emphasizes a new generation of sporty styles. So maybe here we have a foretaste from the Yamaha scooter design of the near future.

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yamaha electric scooter

The Ε02 is a second concept that, like the Ε01, gives us a glimpse of tomorrow, this time focusing on a smaller category, the electric scooters with an equivalent of 50. On the other hand, e-Vivo is not a new concept, as it is based on a popular 50 cc Vivo scooter, which for our occasion comes with an electric motor, two operating programs and a special setting for extra power on the hills.


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