100-year-old Frenchman bought a Renault ZOE

He may have reached a hundred years, but he is very interested in new technologies and especially those that do not burden the environment in which his great-grandchildren live. So the eternal Frenchman decided to buy a Renault Zoe. Louis Moreau has been fascinated with new technologies since he remembers himself.

So he decided to buy his first electric cars by completing a century of life! As the pensioner who lives north of the city of Toulouse states, “I was mainly interested in protecting the environment. Especially the future of my ten great-grandchildren between the ages of 11 and 25 puts me in thoughts.  “The fact that he chose a Renault Zoe, can be explained.

100-year-old Frenchman bought a Renault ZOE

The first car to drive was Renault, as was his first car. The authority made a Renault 4CV in the early 50 and since then it was in possession of six R5, two R12 and several Clio. His second Clio was used and then he changed a new car every three years.

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In 2017 doctors banned Moreau from making long trips by car and then decided to buy his first electric car as he lives in the country and needs a vehicle for his shopping and other jobs. So he acquired a used Renault Zoe with just 1,000 kilometres in his odometer.


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