This guy building an Electric Motorcycle entirely : video

Electric motorcycles are constantly gaining ground as well as electric scooter that show a rapid rise. But in the video below you will see something different, since James Biggar will build an electric motorbike literally from scratch.

The result as you will see is impressive and even the electric motorcycle has very good performance and electric autonomy. See below the whole process!

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Description from YouTube channel James Biggar:

FINALLY, the motorbike is finished. Sort of. I’m upgrading the front/rear suspension, and the hydraulic brakes over the winter. I don’t feel the common components used on other e-bikes are suitable for the extra weight that this motorcycle is carrying in battery capacity (battery alone weighs 80 lbs). But it’s a very comfortable ride, regardless. Not like a typical e-bike. Other minor cosmetic details could be better, as well, but that’s a matter of opinion/preference I think. Other than that, I think this bike is great. I love it! Fast enough for highway use, better acceleration than most cars, and more than enough range for the avg person’s daily commutes.

I just finished the plans, and they’re now available for download. As mentioned previously, there is no step by step build guide for this build, just a .pdf with dimensional drawings and the 3D Sketchup CAD. It’s not really a project for beginners, and I don’t think experienced builders need me to explain step by step how to work the materials, so I kept it simple this time. But I did set up scenes in the CAD with dimensions for all of the components, so it would be worth while to get Sketchup (or use the free web version) and refer to the CAD for a better look at the details and dimensions vs the .pdf drawings:


Bike specs:
Power: 8000W continuous, 12,000W peak
Weight: ~200 lbs (91 kg)
Top speed: 75 mph (120 kph)
Range: ~60 miles (100 km), average terrain

Wheelbase: 59”
Rake angle: 28°
Suspension travel: ~180mm
Wheels: 90/90/19 front and rear
Seat height: ~35”

Controller: 72V/150A
Motor: brushless/gearless hub motor
Battery: 72V/60Ah (4.2 kWh) LiFePo

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