Alpine stops the development of electric SUV

Alpine brand of the Renault Group decided to freeze the development of one of the most anticipated models of the next decade: the Electric SUV (A410) that would confront the new generation of Porsche Macan.

For Alpine, revenue probably won’t be where it counts, especially outside France.Large business groups put money into investments between clingy brands.

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But these brands should also finance their project with sales revenue from models. In the case of Alpine, the bills are not as good as expected, so the interest project the electric SUV freezes.

Alpine stops the development of electric SUV

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We also don’t know when it will resume, so the first tests we saw late last winter with a Dacia Duster-based test mule probably won’t continue. Possibly, if the French brand belonging to Renault has recovered its course, then we will see new camouflaged test models, but the news does not show in that direction, for the time being.


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