Cake new electric two-wheeled vehicle are multi use

The Swedish company of electric vehicles on two wheels, created a purely utilitarian two-wheel Cake, which can be a tool of work.

The Ösa will be produced in two versions, the Ösa Lite and the Ösa +. The description of the Cake for the model is clear: “An electrically powered, multi-way, versatile motorcycle, a versatile tool and a Power Bank on wheels“.

The construction structure is very simple, a horizontal beam of a respected cross section plays the role of the frame’s backbone, which extends “hanging” down to a single layout, accommodating the battery and motor. The material used, in all parts of the frame, is aluminum.

Cake electric

The front suspension is a USD fork, which blends into the main girder, with a double steering wheel in the Ösa + and with a single, as on bicycles, in the Ösa Lite. Rear, a single shock absorber based to the scissors without a lever and the extensor part of the frame. The brakes are single discs with a diameter of 220 mm front and rear, cooperating with 4-pistons calipers in both cases.

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The performance of the electric motor is 4 kW in the Ösa Lite, which gets type approval as scooter 50cc and 7 kW in Ösa +, which is considered a motorcycle power base.  Therefore, the final speed for the Lite is 45 km/h and 100 km/h, for “+”. The battery now has a higher capacity in the “+” model and gives respectively and greater autonomy, 120 km, compared to 100.

What makes the Ösa very special, of course, is that its battery can be used as power bank, for the operation of various devices. There are two benefits, both for the Ösa Lite and for the Ösa +, at 5V (10W) or 12V (180W), while via adapter, voltage and power can reach 110/220V (2000W)

This means that mobile, tablet and other small energy-requirements devices can be connected to the 5V, laptop, speakers and medium demand devices in power supply at 12V and finally, hand tools and high energy demand devices, if The adaptor is used.

Prices start from 4,500 euros for the Lite version and from 6,500 euros for Ösa +.

Cake electric


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