Dacia will sell the cheap electric K-ZE in Europe

Renault K-ZE will arrive sooner than expected. Indeed, the electric city car will be marketed in 2021 with Dacia brands with a price of around €15,000.

There’s never smoke without fire. In September, Thierry Bolloré, a former Renault CEO, said in the Frankfurt report that the French firm will market the Renault K-ZE in Europe over the next five years at a price of 10,000 euros.

Words confirmed at the end of October by Gilles Normand. In short, the European version of Renault K-ZE seems to be coming earlier than expected. According to French media, the Renault group will trade this economic urban electric car in 2021 with the logos of Dacia. Why the Dacia logos?

On the one hand, it would be inappropriate to launch the K-ZE under its own brand, while the future Twingo 4 will become a 100% electric vehicle (debut 2022).

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Dacia will sell the cheap electric K-ZE in Europe

On the other hand, in terms of reducing CO2 emissions, Dacia is a group Thorn with an average of about 125 g in 2018 (WLTP). The Romanian brand is far from 95 g/km to be imposed at the end of 2020, but the overall calculation in the whole group is currently saving the share.

Although his petrol-powered sibling, Kwid, does not meet European standards, K-ZE has been studied for the global market. The electric motor of 33 kW (45 hp and 105 km/h) is supplied with a lithium-ion battery of 26.8 kWh and the autonomy is 271 km (NEDC cycle) or 350 km in civil use (60 max km/h).

As for recharging, it takes 30 minutes to recover 80% of the capacity in quick setting. In China, the K-ZE is priced from €7,200 to €9,200. If former CEO Thierry Bolloré reported the price of €10,000, Eric Feunten spoke about 14 to €15.000 . And probably for the entry-level version.

Therefore, the Dacia K-ZE will become the cheapest electric car in the market. The battery represents most of the price of this type of vehicle, it will be satisfactory with an average battery capacity, sufficient for urban use.


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