EAVan : Could an ebike the ideal delivery vehicle courier?

The EEA, based in Oxford, has a mission to reduce all forms of vehicle pollution, improving both transport and air in cities. The company is a manufacturer of the unique EAVan. It is essentially, for an eCargo bike developed “by a truck” rather than by a bicycle.

The ultra-light zero-emission EAVan is a biopowered electric vehicle developed by a partnership between EAV and DPDgroup, also based in Birmingham. Its evolution lasted for two years and began in April at the Oxford EV Summit. EAVan has already received serious orders from the DPD.

Its network and is developing as part of the Smart Urban Delivery Strategy announced recently for the UK. The Norwegian Logistics Company, Posten Norge and the Swedish Posten Nord Postal Service are also customers of EAVan.


EAVan is an environmentally focused bio-mechanical hybrid quadycle that uses a 250 Watt electric motor and pedal. It can cover a distance of up to 100 km at a speed of up to 25 km/h, carrying a payload of 120 kg and can be charged using a standard 13amp, 240v socket.

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The batteries can also be replaced to keep the EAVan in continuous operation, but are fully charged in less than 6 hours. The frame can be enlarged and lengthened to offer every option to use a van or car in a residential area.

From a truck with a platform, an ambulance or a safety vehicle and a taxi. EAVan can act as a service vehicle or for personal transport. The design solution was based on the philosophy of turning city centres into quiet areas, zero emissions.



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