Electric pickup truck announced by GM, on sale 2021

electric pickup GM

GM’s electric pickup truck to go on sale late 2021

Wanting, perhaps, to steal some of the brilliance of the presentation of Tesla Cybertruck, the first pick-up truck in the history of the American brand, GM CEO Mary Barra announced that the leading  group will present his own Electric pick-up version in 2021.

The announcement was made in the context of the ‘ Barclay’s Global Automotive Conference ‘, with the timeline given by the General Motors CEO to look quite ambitious. We say this because GM’s vice-Presidents and strategy manager had rejected in January the possibility of creating an electric pick-up truck.

electric pickup GM

However, it seems that from January to today they changed the company’s plans. In fact, this is the deepest reason why the Detroit-Hamtramck factory did not closed.

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The Barra did not reveal much about the pick-up which he called a BET (Battery Electric Truck), making rather a hint, since the word BET means betting (the bet of creating the first electric pick-up of the company). This model will be one of the 20 electrics that will present the company up to 2023.

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