Electric Scooters partnership announced by Gogoro and Suzuki

Electric scooters are expected to dominate cities in the coming years. A few years ago, the Taiwanese company Gogoro presented an ambitious electric urban travel plan with a network of automatic machinery that you leave your empty battery and get a ready-charged, in no time.

The idea is as simple as it is amazing, as it strikes at the root of one of the main problems of current electric vehicle technology, the long charging time.

The big problem of Gogoro is its own size. To stand for such an initiative it is necessary to set up automatic machines in many places around the world and this is not easy from a new and small company from Taiwan.

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But the Taiwanese did not put it down, presented new models, continued to set up their network in their homeland with 1.500 automatic machines, to declare today that in Taipei their stations are already used to exchange 100.000 batteries every day.

Electric scooters

Gogoro continues to grow dynamically by announcing its cooperation with TaiLing Motor. If the name sounds completely unknown to you, let you know that it is the Suzuki partner in Taiwan who presented the E-Ready scooter, whose batteries are compatible with the Gogoro platform.

Even though last April the four Japanese manufacturers agreed to set up a joint committee to examine the creation of a similar platform, two of them have already cooperated with Gogoro by choosing an already prepared solution from the Market.


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