Honda CEO doubt on the excessive optimism of EVs

“The obstacles to electric vehicles and full autonomous driving are still enough,” said Honda CEO Mr. Hachigo in an interview last month at Honda headquarters. As far as electrification is concerned, Mr. Hachigo said that Honda would focus on hybrid petrol models and not in fully electric until 2030.

As far as autonomous driving is concerned, the Japanese company is expected to give weight to realistic applications of autonomous driving, which will offer increased security. Honda does not seem keen to get into a game of impressions with its other competitors, with Honda CEO Mr Hachigo stating:
I do not know whether the other manufacturers are overly optimistic or not, but the approach to the issue of Electrification is certainly different from company to company.

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Honda has already in its plan the reduction of pollutants in the set of models of the gamut, something that high-ranking executives want to achieve as soon as possible. This is why the 4th generation of Honda Jazz will be offered as a hybrid in the European markets, 2022 will come as an electric, and the CR-V is already moving in the hybrid direction.


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