Is the VW ID 3 the most important electric car of 2020?

VW is entering dynamically in the technology of electric vehicles and leader to the big reversal will be ID 3.

Recently, Angela Merkel inaugurated the start of the production of ID3, and when the Chancellor is there, you understand that something serious is happening. Many countries one after another announce the restriction of diesel at least in densely populated areas for a start. This will definitely affect car sales with conventional motor and electric cars will look like the ideal choice.

Volkswagen manufactured the ID3 in such a way as to cover a wide range of buyers. With the basic version starting from 30,000 euros certainly is a good start for the electric car of the German company. The electric hatchback will be very well equipped and even the price will not differ from the corresponding diesel of the company.

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Let us not forget that the Volkswagen Group is the largest manufacturer in the world at the moment and when it started designing the ID3 purpose was to build an electric car that is not based on another platform, but to have a special platform that It will only concern the company’s electric cars.

So, on the new MEB platform that has been developed specifically by Volkswagen for its electric cars, we will rely on many different models of the group thanks to the flexibility offered by this provision. It will be able to accept three battery capacity options to cover a wide range of kilometers that can reach up to 600 km.

Is the VW ID 3 the most important electric car of 2020?

The German company does not yet have in its plans the production of the car or its introduction to US. Surely this is a negative point but do not forget that for Volkswagen the European market is the most important market in the world right now since it sells most of its cars.

Of course German giant is not only selling in Europe but globally and the target for VW ID 3 electric is to be sold in too many copies, and for this reason some factories need to be adjusted to operate the production lines where produced the electric vehicles. For example, Tesla should build factories from the outset, which is a fairly lengthy process.

As far as the battery supplier is concerned, Volkswagen seems to have achieved a very good job. With LG Chem already having an agreement closed, Volkswagen would probably have another deal with the Swedish company North Volt where they are expected to open a consortium like something similar is happening with Tesla and Panasonic.

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Another important element as it sounds is that Volkswagen has achieved a very good price on batteries where they probably cost the German company $100 or below each kilowatt. This may be a point of strategic importance since the company will be able to achieve very good prices in the car market as well as profits for itself.

Diesel-gate case hit the group Volkswagen hard in the past years and the German company sees its electric future more necessary than ever. After all, the huge investments that Volkswagen has made in electric vehicles in recent times, want to prove that it is a company that respects the environment and on the other hand will try not to lose the technological leadership.

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