New KYMCO RevoNEX is electric bike with 6 speeds

A performance motorcycle built on an electrical design platform rather than an electric motorcycle with a performance, is the philosophy that was initiated by the original Kymco SuperNex and has passed its own in RevoNex. The electric new Kymco RevoNEX will also have 6 speeds while retaining the feel of a conventional gearbox.

In terms of performance, a prominent position is the EFA (Electric Full-range Acceleration) system, which allows the continuous performance of the engine giving performance of claims, such as 0-100km/h at 3.9 ‘ ‘ and 0-205km/h (top speed) at 11.8 sec! In fact, in the case of the city, if you decide to enter in no-speeds mode, the acceleration is equally staggering but limited to 115 km.


Obviously conventional electronic devices are not enough on a futuristic motorcycle and for this the Kymco developed and the FEP, that is, Full Engagement Performance, the “package” that undertakes traction, brakes and the prevention of the lifting of the rear Wheel on violent braking.

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Usually the electric motorcycles are very silent but the RevoNEX “sounds” Thanks to AAM, Active Acoustic Motor in more detail, which comes through the transmission to give sound to a category of vehicles that were considered… Silently!

RevoNex has various riding modes for even greater convenience or enjoyment of the rider. So we have the “Poised” for the quietest moments, the “Assertive” that begins to give strength extremely civilized, the “Bold” that begins to give something more and finally the “Extreme”, which, as the word says, reaches the performance of the bike at the edges.

The Kymco reports that RevoNEX, from 2021, will be circulating the streets.


source 2wo, bikeit

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