Mitsubishi MI-Tech Concept

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi revealed the MI-Tech Concept, built with the specifications of a “small, plug-in hybrid electric SUV, all terrain and weather, offering unparalleled driving pleasure and confidence in all Conditions”.

The original embodies the slogan of MMC, “Drive Your Ambition” with a lightweight, compact, new PHEV system, a four-motor electric drive system, and advanced driver and active security technologies — all Concentrated in a compact electrically powered SUV

Mitsubishi MI-Tech Concept

Chromatic, the designers chose a modern light blue combined with a bronze hue for a design motif reminiscent of an electric coil and present it in the mask, the internal wheels and the interior refers to Electromobility. The front section adopts the new Dynamic Shield design philosophy as an identity of the MMC.

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The bodywork exudes prestige and intelligence, while the design refers to a metal sculpture crafted with surgical precision. The use of the side stair in the embossed sill serves both stylistic and practical purposes. Design, the rear section evokes a large, bold hexagon sculpture that emphasizes the rugged SUV.

Mitsubishi MI-Tech Concept

Mitsubishi MI-Tech Concept, Inside, has a horizontal instrument panel and functional design help the driver in his work. The horizontal theme is highlighted with copper lines that have been added to the instrument panel and the steering wheel. Keyboard-reminiscent switches are placed over the center console in a horizontal layout.

The power unit of the new PHEV system is a light, small gas turbine in place of the traditional petrol engine.  As environmental consciousness is strengthened and downsizing is gaining ground, the prototype vehicle highlights the technological virtues of integrating a PHEV drive system into a small SUV. The turbine generator generates great power compared to its size and weight.

Another advantage of the turbine engine is its versatility to operate with various types of fuel such as diesel, kerosene and biofuel, which can be chosen depending on the regions. Moreover it does not produce pollutants, which means that it meets the environmental and energy requirements.

It uses the S-AWC Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control System on a Quad Motor 4WD system with front and rear Dual-Motor Active Yaw Control (AYC) units. With electric brake calipers, a faster response, high motion control precision and four-wheel braking power were achieved alongside a noticeable performance improvement in cornering and traction.

Mitsubishi MI-Tech Concept


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