Official : Elon Musk confirms Gigafactory 4 in Germany

Elon Musk officially confirmed the construction site of Gigafactory 4, where it will be in Germany and specifically in the Berlin area and near the new airport. Surely this is still an impressive move by Tesla and for the place of construction of Gigafactory 4 the rumors was increasingly intense lately.

For some time now several European countries have tried to persuade Tesla, but the choice of Germany may be the most ideal choice for the American company, since apart from being the largest market in Europe it possesses a highly scientific Skilled human resources.

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From Gigafactory 4 in the first phase, the production of Model Y will begin while the batteries as well as engines will be manufactured. Already the Tesla is in search of personnel and reportedly the Gigafactory 4 will employ approximately 10,000 employees. The plant is expected to be ready by the end of 202.


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