Plug-in hybrid Renault Captur E-Tech more details

New Renault Captur E-Tech comes early 2020 and features particularly advanced plug-in hybrid system.

At the Frankfurt Motor Lounge, Renault unveiled the first application of the technology E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid to the new Renault Captur. In addition, the 1.6 litre engine of 91 HP is Nissan, the main 53 kW electric motor is of Nissan and the secondary 23 kW is of Denso, providing total power of 160 hp. The 9.8 kWh battery is provided by LG Chem.

Designed by manual gearbox but without clutch, this four-speed gearbox incorporates a disc-shaped electric motor and has two main axles and a secondary axle attached to the wheels. The secondary machine, engaged with the crankshaft, makes it possible mainly to weaken the vibration and to restart the engine faster.

plug-in Captur e-tech

With its fifteen modes of operation, the so-called “Locobox” combines many functions: parallel or in series, in 100% electric, hybrid or thermal. In practice, the Captur E-Tech Plug-in starts as 100% electric until it reaches the final of 135 km/h.

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Recharging (at 3 kW) requires 5:30 hours (standard plug), 3:30 hours (green’up 2.8 kW) or 3 hours (Wallbox 3.7 kW). It will also be facilitated by the brake function (launched by Zoé), which increases recharging by braking.

Aesthetically, the name E-Tech surrounds the vehicle, plus a redesigned rear bumper but under the chassis, it hides a new multi-axis rear axle necessary to support the battery, without sacrificing the loading dock.

On the other hand, the trunk volume will lose some capacity. The My Sense system has two specific functions: Pure (100% Electric) and Sport (electric impulse).

While it will be presented in March 2020 at the Geneva Motor Show, the Captur E-Tech Hybrid Plug-in will reach European Vice-Presidents in June. According to appreciation, prices will start at €31,000. Its competitors will be the Kia Niro (142hp, from €35,900) and the Mini Countryman PHEV (224hp, from €40,000).


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