Renault Zoe ready to hit e-Trophée Andros

Electric races are not just for the Formula E where the Trophy Andros also bets on electric era. “We were in the spotlight in 2009, with the first electric racing cars,” said Max Mamers, the league’s organizer. Ten years later, the famous championship on the ice turns into a fully electric championship.

The name changes to e-Trophée Andros and welcomes new vehicles. In addition to the bodywork, this racing car from DA Racing has nothing in common with Renault ZOE second generation.

Renault arrives at the Ice Championship with Jean-Baptiste Dubourg and Nicolas Prost at the cockpit of Zoe 2.

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The structure is tubular, limiting the weight to 1,130 kg. Inside beyond the necessarily like the racing seat, steering wheel, pedal, and control screen we have the battery of 33 kWh in the passenger side, where the voltage reaches 705 V.

The two electric motors produce a combined power of 340 hp and 1,600 Nm. Finally, it has 4-wheel drive and the special tires have 250 studs to stick to the ice. The e-Trophy of Andros will start on December 7, 2019 at Val Thorens. Six races will be held until February 1, 2020, the final date in Super Besse.

Renault ZOE e-Trophée


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