SEAT e-Scooter Concept with 114 km electric autonomy

SEAT enters the two-wheel category for the first time and presents an e-Scooter with impressive performance.

The complete revelation of the new purely electric motor bike, called e-Scooter, was held as part of the 9th International Smart City Expo conference in Barcelona.

According to the Spanish company, we are currently seeing its first motorcycle in original form, while its production version is expected in 2020. The e-Scooter bike will be available to individuals as well as to companies that manage vehicle-sharing fleets.

seat e-scooter

For the creation of the E-Scooter motorcycle, SEAT collaborated with  Spanish company, Silence, which is headquartered in Barcelona. The bike’s production will take place on Silence’s premises, in Molins de Rei, which is located between Barcelona and the SEAT’s Martorelle factory. Through the e-Scooter bike SEAT expands its range of vehicles offering mobility solutions in the urban environment.

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About the technical characteristics of the motorcycle e-Scooter, it has a 7 kW 14.8 horsepower motor, equivalent to a 125 cm thermal motorcycle engine. Generates instantaneous torque of 240 Nm, the maximum speed it can develop is 100 km/h, while accelerating from 0-50 km/h within 3.8 sec.

seat e-scooter

With a single charge, its battery can offer autonomy of 115 km. It is noted that the battery can be removed and charged from household current, but also from a public charging station.

Its design is modern, has thin Led lights and storage space for two helmets under its saddle. By application, the owners will be able to remotely monitor their smartphone, the battery charge level and the point where they have parked their bike.

seat e-scooter
seat e-scooter


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