‘Second life’ batteries used to power Black Swan electric yacht

The Seine Alliance company revealed the Black Swan, the first electric yacht designed specifically for private or professional cruises in the Seine (Paris) that will be equipped with reconstructed Renault batteries.

The aim of Seine Alliance and its partners – Renault and Green-Vision – is to be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of a model based on the principle of the circular economy in order to reproduce it and create synergies Between different mobility factors.

Lithium-ion batteries taken from Renault electric vehicles as soon as they reach the end of their “first life in the car” are re-engineered and redefined and placed under the board’s side seats in 4 compartments Stainless steel specifically designed to ensure safe and watertight operating conditions. This avoids the energy and raw materials needed to produce new batteries.

electric yacht

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Each propeller is connected to two battery arrays that have a nominal power of 10kW (20kW at maximum power), which easily allows the boat to reach the usual cruising speeds (there is a speed limit valid on the Seine in Paris). Overall, the batteries weigh 278 kg, which is lighter than the fuel tank mounted on the boat when powered by an internal combustion engine.

Gilles Normand, senior vice president of Groupe Renault, said:
We are proud to have contribute the Black Swan project along with Seine Alliance and Green-Vision. Once again, this approach has shown that batteries from electric vehicles used in their second life as energy storage units are an important lever for accelerating the energy transition


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