Cybertruck orders

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk in new Tweet on Tuesday revealed that Cybertruck reached 250.000 orders.

Last Saturday Elon Musk made the first announcement in Tweet about the course of orders of the Cybertruck, where he had written that 146,000 had already ordered it. Later on Monday he wrote again that orders already exceeded 200,000, while late Tuesday the CEO of Tesla wrote for 250,000 orders.

The new Tesla Cybertruck vehicle is far from the mainstream players in the market, since design where proposes to the consumer something completely different.

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In the stock market did not like this exterior design, and accordingly the stock price had fallen. Of course, to tell the truth, the stock market at every little stumble of the Tesla hitting mercilessly.

Cybertruck orders

On the other hand, Tesla Cybertruck has great performance as well as a very competitive price package, as the basic version of Cybertruck will cost 39,900 dollars.

The amount to close someone’s order is $100 where they are refunded upon receipt of the car. Of course it is still too early to know over time how many of these orders will be converted into real deliveries

There is no doubt, however, that the dynamics of the Cybertruck for the moment are very strong, and it will not be surprising until mid-December the orders are to surpass even the 500,000.

Also many consumers love this¬† “different “, and in the case of Cybertruck will prove whether Elon Musk when presenting the vehicle, he looked very forward.

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