Electric model Russia

The name Zetta means “Zero Emission Terra Transport Asset”

First electric model from Russia is already under development and is called “Zetta”. Supporters of this project are public bodies, unlike the leader of the domestic market, Lada, who is not involved.

Everywhere, all over the world springing up various project electropowered models from ‘ nowhere ‘ and only in Russia was previously the relative tranquility!

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All things, however, have an end. Thus, this era evolves under the name “Zetta” the first electrically powered model of Russian production. The reports of domestic media indicate that its commercial course will begin in 2020. The name “Zetta” is an abbreviation of the term “Zero Emission Terra Transport Asset”.

Electric model Russia

The four electric motors, located near the wheels, yield a torque of 200 Nm, each, the total maximum power is 80 kW or 109 horsepower. The company announced that the autonomy would reach 200 km, but that the capacity of the battery is 10 kWh. As for the consumption, the Russians say that this will reach only 5 kWh/100 km, which seems unrealistic.

Electric model Russia

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