This Tesla Model S tuned internally and externally

Can a Tesla Model S tuned into the body of the car but also internally, be successful?

Car Tuning contributes to the more dynamic appearance internally and externally as well as the improved performance of a car. In the video below you can see a Tesla Model S that wears an improvement package and includes an improved interior, has a wider body thanks to the carbon-fiber body parts, new lighter wheels, and several other improvements as you will see below.

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Description from YouTube channel Shmee150 :

What about tuning a Tesla?! Unplugged Performance take a Model S and transform it into the full S-APEX! The concept of Tesla tuning seems quite bizarre but why not if you can, and this is certainly an intriguing way to go about it! The powertrain in any Tesla model is completely locked down from factory so the concept of tuning is initially challenging, however while the horsepower of the motors can’t be increased, the car can benefit from new aero, lightweighting, improved brakes and other modifications. In the case of this car, the S-APEX package includes everything head to toe from the interior retrim, to carbon body panels blended in, to dampers, wheels, brakes, bespoke tinted carbon parts and more. As well as exploring the full S-APEX package for the Model S, we can check out the modifications being made live to @zackfeldstein’s Model 3 including sway bars and front lip. With the workshop keeping busy, we’re joined by Ben from Unplugged Performance as well as Zack for a run in the S-APEX to feel what it’s like and head over to a storage location with an unusual mix of cars including a very lightweight Nissan GT-R.

This Tesla Model S tuned internally and externally

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