This Volkswagen Type 2 hides an ecological secret!

The electric Volkswagen Type 2 was created at the suggestion of Volkswagen of America by EV West which specializes in electric cars and the final result is exactly the sum of its parts.

EV West managed to keep the classic van’s appearance practically unchanged. From height to characteristic dichromone and from the simple and plain interior to the tank lid.

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Only under this lid “hides” a charging port, after the position of the 4 cylinder, air-cooled petrol engine has taken the electric motor of the E-Golf. Thus, the Microbus now has 136 horsepower and its electricity supply takes care of a 35.8 kWh battery, placed under the front seats in special, fire resistant cases.

Volkswagen Type 2

What is interesting is that EV West has really tried to make as few changes as possible to Volkswagen Type 2 and to use as most of its original features for the functioning of modern e-Golf systems. In the future, however, the “E-Bus”, as it is called the creation, will equip a multifunctional, digital screen of classic design for better monitoring of the operation of the vehicle.

Volkswagen Type 2


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