Uber accident

A fatal accident in Arizona, United States, occurred in March 2018 when an Uber car, which tested for the development of autonomous driving technologies, hit a woman who was walking the road.

Since then it may have been 1.5 year, but the investigations made by the US authorities and the company itself are continuing.  The last finding is that this accident was not the first to engage Uber’s cars, just up to that time there were no casualties.

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Specifically, the programme was launched 18 months earlier and in that time there were 37 incidents. In all, cars were in autonomous mode, while in 33 of them, at least one other car was involved.

Uber accident

Now, the driver sitting in Uber’s car to intervene in an emergency, will be re-called by the police authorities in the region, while a further analysis of all available videos from experts will be made to find out if he could see the pedestrian and if so, if there was time to do something to prevent the incident.


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