Ultraviolette unveils India’s new electric motorcycle

Some time ago we had identified a concept from India where it was an electric motorcycle that was preparing Ultraviolette Automotive.  The concept then had a very impressive design and something similar is happening with the official presentation of F77 where it was recently unveiled.

The Indian company will try to make great sense in the world of motorcycle and the electric Ultraviolette F77 is the best representative to achieve it.  Electric bike is mainly for use in the city but flirts with the sports category and is available in three options: Lighting Shadow and Laser, where the only differences are in the exterior design, but there are no huge differences.

Movement takes from a centrally mounted electric motor which delivers 33.5 horsepower and with the torque being at the impressive 450 Nm. The necessary energy takes it from a battery that has a total capacity of 4.2 kWh.

Ultraviolette electric motorcycle

Its performance is impressive and for the 0-60 kilometers per hour it takes just 2.9 sec while for 0-100 7.2 sec, with the top speed reaching the also impressive number in 147 km/h. The autonomy of F77 varies between 130 and 150 km while the charging time is 5 hours with a simple supply and 1.5 hours on fast charging.

Of course it all depends on the driving mode but the Indian electric bike also has three driving options: Eco, Sports and insane, yes well you heard and certainly somewhere there is a lot of curiosity about how the last mode works!

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The Ultraviolette F77 features a list of advanced features, including a TFT color display with Bluetooth connectivity, and a special application with over-the-air update, remote diagnosis, bike tracking and capabilities, regenerative braking can also be controlled, and there is also a maximum speed limiter.

Also the F77 has Led lights that are automatically controlled, and diagnostic programs that run in real time and warn of the standard maintenance or potential damage. The price of the electric motorcycle in India will fluctuate between 3,800-4,000 euro, and will reach buyers somewhere in the last quarter of 2020.


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