Volkswagen extends the ID. electric range models

The Volkswagen I.D. strategy for the electrification of the gamut and more specifically, in the purely electric models is serious both in style and in size and includes a plethora of new proposals that will cover in several years all the main categories.

Another station in the course that has prescribes the plan of the German brand is the prototype that will present on November 19th. In a private event organize by Volkswagen at the Petersen Automotive Museum, the new concept of the German brand will be revealed, and the announcement that this prototype will focus on interior and technology is of particular importance.

Volkswagen extends the ID. electric range models

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The photo-teaser published by Volkswagen does not reveal much about the interior and technology with which it will be equipped, but not even for the style chosen by the company for the bodywork. The wait will expire in few days and then we will have a better insight into the VW’s electric.

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