Volvo : 157 electric buses for Gothenburg next year

Volvo received an order for 157 electric buses 7900 Electric Articulated in Gothenburg.

The company that ordered the electric buses is Transdev which is a public transport operator, active in 20 countries, with the purpose of using them in Gothenburg in Sweden.

Electric buses 7900 EA are powered by two electric motors of 200kW, capable of giving movement on the Bus even at a steep slope of 20 degrees when it is filled with passengers.

These buses have the possibility of transporting 150 passengers, with the companies that will order them to have the choice between 18 or 18.7 meters length and a choice of battery up to 396kWh.

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New Volvo buses are capable of charging through fast charging stations or cable, with Transdev charging them in Gothenburg via fast-charger supporting the OppCharge standard.

electric buses Gothenburg

Another important feature of Volvo’s electric buses is consumption, as this will be reduced by 80% compared to the consumption of diesel buses, which means they will emit fewer pollutants and produce less noise during operation.


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