Watch this funny Conversation with Elon Musk | video

It is certainly a pleasure to have Elon Musk inside your Tesla.

But in this video things are not exactly like that, since YouTuber Jessica Kirsh does not have in the passenger seat of the Tesla, the Elon Musk with flesh and blood, but a paper, I do not know can be a plastic dummy where she ‘decorates’ him with the best words and In fact, she says is her inspiration.

However, I must confess that the ratio of the dummy is in the right size and looks quite realistic!

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Description from YouTube channel Jessica Kirsh :

I’m not sure I would have the words to express my gratitude and admiration to real-life #ElonMusk, should I ever have the opportunity to meet him, but here’s a relatively ‘calm’ practice conversation with cardboard cutout Elon thanks to Wade Anderson of #Tesla Social.

Watch this funny Conversation with Elon Musk

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