Wind energy

Wind energy will benefit from the world wind speed where will continue to rise.

The global speed of air is increasing considerably from 2010 onwards, after decades of continuous reduction, according to new research cited by the BBC.

Researchers believe that the increase in wind speed will simultaneously cause an increase in the energy produced by 37%. Since 1980 scientists have observed a decrease in the speed of the winds around the world, which, if it had continued until the end of the century, would have caused a reduction in wind speed of 21%.

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The authors of this survey, published in the Scientific review Nature Climate Change, argue that this fall would have reduced the available amount of power from the wind power industry if it continued at the same pace.

Wind energy
Wind energy – solar energy

Scientists were unsure of the causes that caused this fall. One theory argued that the greening of the Earth or the increasing urbanisation increased the roughness of the soil and reduced the speed of the winds. This study shows that the idea of harshness of the Earth’s surface was not enough to explain these changes.

Analyzing weather data from 9,000 ground stations and combining them with statistics, researchers have shown that since 2010 the wind speed is increasing significantly globally. The rate of speed increase is three times the reduction observed before 2010, and researchers believe that it is due to changes in the ocean and atmosphere traffic patterns and not solely on roughness.

When we talk about atmospheric circulation, we mean heating the surface of the Earth, which creates gradations in pressure and therefore wind,” said Dr Adrian Chappell of the University of Cardiff, UK.

He supplemented: “Changes in these releases have changed the speed of the wind. An alternative explanation to the change in wind speed is the changes in the roughness of the soil surface. It is unlikely that ruggedness causes changes in wind speed on its own. It is very likely that the combination of change in atmospheric circulation and soil roughness explains the changes in wind speed. This finding is good news for the wind energy industry.

If this trend continues over the next decade, wind power will rise to 3.3 million kilowatt hours in 2024, an increase of 37%.

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