Zero Motorcycles offer Test rides without a driver’s license requirement

An advanced program runs the American Electric Motorcycle company to attract new customers.

Zero Motorcycles having only electric motorcycles in its range, it has double obstacles to surpass compared to a manufacturer of conventional motorcycles. Apart from the classic fear that a lot of people have for the motorcycle (mainly for the possibility of falling, but the exposure to the weather) must overcome the negativity that often has the traditional motorcyclist who does not readily accept a radical change, preferring Something more intimate and noisy.

The Test rides series launched by Zero in the USA under the general title Discover the Ride has as its primary objective to offer the motorcyclist a glimpse of what it’s like to ride an electric powered motorcycle.

But because does not want to discourage anyone who is interested in trying a Zero, but has no (yet) driver’s license, the Californians had an excellent idea: they tuned their motorcycles at a lower top speed and literally closed the tracks to make test rides, off public roads.

Zero Motorcycles

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This idea was put in place for the first time last year and the numbers showed that it is extremely profitable: 25% of all adults who participated in Discover the Ride were newcomers in the motorcycle!

The areas of test rides will be closed and controlled, while for those who want to see how a Zero is with full power – its large models deliver more than 100 hp – there will be a special space with stationary motorcycles mounted on special frames that allow even more risky situations.

The biggest possible profit of Zero from this process will be how to acquire the emotional bond with prospective customers who think to turn it into a motorcycle and now their first experience will be intertwined with this company.

This is something that is not done with conventional petrol-powered motorcycles, as test ride in enclosed space would mean suffocation as if you were in a gas chamber!


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