Dakar 2020 : Tacita will compete with the electric T-Race Rally

After his years of tour in Africa, Dakar 2020 moved to South America and this year going to Saudi Arabia. Of course, you will wonder what this race has to do with electric models. From 2020 it will turn to Electric mobility, as we will see the first electric motorcycle to take part in it.

The reason for the Tacita T-Race Rally, whose specifications have not yet been announced by the company, but has been notified and confirmed its participation. However, the first figures indicate that it will have autonomy of 200 kilometres, 59 horsepower and 100 Nm torque, while it will have a five-gear gearbox, with electric production motorcycles not using any transmission system at all.

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Tacita had entered the world of racing since 2012, when it became the first electric machine, which took part in a rally race in Africa. Two years later Tacita wanted to prove to the world, that was wrong about the reliability of the batteries and in the early 2019 this race-bike reached 120000 km. So will he be able to “put the glasses” on the rest of the motorcycles, the T-Race Rally?


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