Electric buses in London will have artificial sound

Pure electric vehicles when they move at low speeds produce minimal noise and vehicles such as electric buses gradually fill the streets of cities. The red buses, which adorn the streets of London, reach 8000, but only 200 are electric. 

The transport services of the English capital have ensured that the pedestrian crossing of the city is safer. In collaboration with the music composition and sound design company, Zelig Sound, created an artificial sound, which will have some of the buses in London, when they move at low speeds.

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All of this, of course, arises from the new law of the European Union, which provides that cars should produce 56 dB of sound when they go with less than 20 km/hour. In the first place, we will see the electric red buses having this artificial sound on the road 100 in the first six months of the new year, and will later be extended to C10 and P5, after the tests were done at Tottenham Spurs.


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