Ferrari full-electric Supercar will be late

CEO Louis Camilleri spoke about a future of Ferrari full-electric Supercar, saying we’re not going to see a model with the Cavalino Rampante mark before 2025. The last time a reference was made to this issue, Ferrari had set a key date in 2022, but now Camilleri is changing it.

Justifying this decision, the Italian said that the battery technology has not yet reached the point where it should be, as there are important issues in terms of autonomy and charging speed.

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However he said that at some point there will be Ferrari full-electric, after considering a grand tourer model that will only have electric motors. At this time, the Italians focus on hybrid sets. Some time ago they presented the SF 90 Stradale, the first hybrid model of broad production. The Italian brand intends up to 2022 60% of the cars it sells to have some form of electric drive.


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