First fleet Made in China Tesla Model 3 delivered

On 6 January this year, Elon Musk inaugurated the construction work of Gigafactory 3, which just 357 days after its foundation, delivered on December 30, 2019 at an official ceremony in Gigafactory 3 a small fleet of Model 3.

Specifically, he delivered just 15 Model 3 vehicles to Tesla employees, which is something that the company is accustomed to, and in the past always gave priority to employees and investors. Other customers will start receiving their cars within the next month

The “Made in China” Model 3 of 50,000 USD is the  “key” for the acquisition of the largest electric car market by the US-led company from Palo Alto. The first Model 3 units that came out of the production line were delivered to China’s Tesla Stores in order to allow customers to make the necessary test drive before making their orders.

China Tesla Model 3

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Also a few days ago, Tesla secured extra funding of 1.4 billion from three Chinese banks in order to “strengthen” the activities of Gigafactory 3, where according to the American company, it will gradually boost production in 500,000 vehicles a year to cover the growing market of China.


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