Ford evolves car seat that will charge your phone

Ford presents a new way of making car seats, which brings many innovations. This is the three-dimensional weave which we have so far been meeting in athletic shoes, clothes and furniture.

Thanks to this technique, the seats will be able to have no seams, while the customers will be able to order and add almost anything they want, such as pockets or extra foam or materials that will allow better breathing of their skin Summer months.

Ford car seat
Ford evolves innovative car seat

Still, they can choose a different pattern between front and back seats or a special design in case there is a child in the family or even the placement of a special fabric for transporting a pet.

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Even more impressive is the fact that through three-dimensional knitting can be integrated into fabrics features such as controls for windows and doors, heat sensors to monitor the health of the driver, up to wireless Charging.

After all, the above technique can be applied to any point of the cabin, seats, dashboard, interior doors, while it enables the use of various materials such as wool, silk, carbon fiber and even recycled materials.

The new technique, in addition to the above, will enable the company to be more precise during production, it will remove the need for many parts of fabric that need to be joined, at the risk it creates for imperfections and creases.


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