Kymco insists electrically with the i-One DX

The Kymco i-One DX is an elegant and well-designed scooter characterized by its futuristic lines, thus “unstuck” by “ordinary” electric scooters. It is innovative and shows it, with its design reminiscent of more smartphone, electronic gadget. Reinforced with a lateral electric motor that promises immediate acceleration and impulse.

Under the saddle can accommodate two removable lithium-ion batteries, which allow autonomy of 90 km if you move at the low speed of 30 km/h, while the maximum speed reaches 74 km/h. Performance sufficient for urban use, for which the scooter is intended.

Kymco i-One DX

Each battery weighs 6 kg for easy transport if needed, easily removed from the base under the saddle, and one can only use one (having less autonomy of course), so that space is left for an open helmet. Batterys are removable so one can exchange their empty battery in the battery-sharing charging station and equip themselves with a charged one so that they can continue their journey.

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Kymco i-One DX

Disc brakes are on both wheels and the height of the saddle reaches 75 cm, matching for all riders size. The scooter is equipped with infotainment technology and NOODOE connectivity – with a scooter interface with smartphone and internet – the Which, in the case of low battery levels, can show the rider where the nearest charging station is.

There is no announcement from Kymco about when the electric scooter will circulate in the streets but may make its appearance towards the end of 2020.


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